Nova Dentis is a specialist dental clinic located in Morena Skwer building in Gdansk, Poland.

Our vision is to provide high quality services for our patients covering all areas of stomatology. The patient can thus enjoy a comprehensive and convenient treatment in one place. In special cases several doctors of various specialties may participate in the process of diagnosis and planning of a multistage treatment. The treatment is carried out by experienced and highly skilled medical professionals who use best practices and the state of the art materials and equipment. Upon the patient's request, we offer treatments on the weekends and during holidays and we are also able to adjust our office hours to if necessary.

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We guarantee the highest European standards of dental treatment and world class materials for a very affordable price.
We are conveniently located between the airport and the beautiful Old Town. It only takes 10-15min to get to our modern clinic from the airport and the same amount of time to enjoy sightseeing after your appointment.

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...That is our wish and purpose! Our dentists make sure the patients leave the clinic not only satisfied with the medical result but also happy with aesthetic result of the treatment. We treat our patients in comfortable chairs, in a pleasant, friendly environment without any stress or pain. We perform most of our dental, endodontics, prosthodontic, periodontal and implant treatments under local anaesthesia. Our treatments are free of pain for you and your wallet

Nova Dentis services

Implants are made on the basis of well-known high-quality implant systems such as 3i, Astra, Dentsplay / Ankylos / and others. We also provide complementary treatments such as bone reconstruction / augmentation and upper jaw sinus lift surgery using the opened or closed method depending on the particular case. This allows us in practice to install dental implants successfully for everyone, regardless of the starting conditions.
Our surgery is a reference centre in the field of endodontics We specialize in difficult cases of root canal treatment, which include teeth with narrow canals, occluded or curved canals, teeth with unusual amount of roots or with difficult to access canals. We treat extensive and chronic inflammations of periapical tissue, complicated cases of mixed inflammation, so-called Endo-perio. We perform re-treatment of canals, so-called Re-endo and remove broken canal tools, all of this by using surgical microscope and the modern dental instruments which are necessary for effective treatment.
In the absence of treatment effects patients are convinced of the chronicity of inflammation, which is manifested by bleeding, swelling and redness of the gums accompanied by an unpleasant odor. Meanwhile, a properly executed curretage treatment not only removes the symptoms of inflammation, but also inhibits the destruction of the alveolar bone, which leads in turn to exposure in the roots of the teeth, loosening them and consequently leading to the loss of teeth.
Determining the correct bite of teeth for persons who lost their teeth many years ago is a difficult clinical problem that requires a lot of experience and medical expertise. Only then the restoration of the original bite is effective an permanent. Therefor the treatment of difficult cases is carried out by our high-end specialist. We offer all types of restorations and different technologies, their implementation.
Teeth examination for the presence of caries, comprehensive periodontal evaluation. Specialist consultation regarding a specific problem. Scaling and sandblasting as treatments prior to implantation. Fluoridation or teeth coating as the final treatment after scaling and sandblasting.


Consultation 40zł
Preventive teeth inspection 40zł
Periodic preventive dental visit every year or every 6 months 0zł
Local infiltration anaesthesia 25zł
Dental X-ray / 1 tooth 25zł
Local conduction / block anaesthesia 25zł
Fluoridation of all teeth 100zł
Application of dental sealant 60zł
Sealing pits and fissures with other material (composite, glass ionomer cement) / 1 tooth 80zł
Fluoride varnishing of all teeth 100zł
light-cured filling, Gradia composite material, 1 surface 120zł
light-cured filling, Gradia composite material, 2 surfaces 130zł
light-cured filling, Gradia composite material, 3 surfaces 150zł
Reconstruction of fractured incisal angle of a tooth (Gradia composite material) 200zł
Tooth crown reconstruction with Radix Anker post (Gradia composite material) 300zł
Temporary filling / Zinc oxide eugenol (ZOE) 50zł
Cleaning, scaling - upper and lower arch 140zł
Sanding upper and lower arch 150zł
Night White (patented teeth whitening formula) 750zł
porcelain inlay 800zł
Composite veneer (Gradia composite material) 300zł
Porcelain veneer 1100zł
starting of root treatment (tooth with one root canal) 150zł
finishing of root treatment (one canal without filling) 100zł
starting of root treatment (tooth with two root canals) 150zł
finishing of root treatment (two canals without filling) 150zł
starting of root treatment (tooth with three root canals) 200zł
finishing of root treatment (three canals without filling) 200zł
Each additional root canal 120zł
Removal of broken instrument from a root canal with the use of microscope 600zł
Treating a root canal obstruction with the use of a microscope 400zł
Closure of perforation 400zł
Cast dowel stainless steel
Direct technique 460zł
Indirect technique (combined) 520zł
Indirect technique with ball attachment 600zł
Cast dowel Au (gold)
Direct technique (depends on the price of Au at the prosthesis lab) 340zł
Indirect technique (combined, depends on the price of Au at the prosthesis lab) 360zł
NPG: direct technique 320zł
Indirect technique (combined) 370zł
Porcelain on stainless steel 750zł
Porcelain on Au (gold) + the cost of Au 800zł
Porcelain on AU (gold) above 2g AU 1000zł
Procera crown 1600zł
Porcelain shoulder 50zł
Temporary 50zł
Acrylic 210zł
Zirconic 1500zł
Telescope porcelain crown (cup) 900zł
Ceramic 1200zł
Glass support 1450zł
Specialized examination resulting in creation of a new patient record and treatment plan 100zł
Badanie specjalistyczne (kontrolne) 150zł
Specialist's consultation 100zł
Treatment of changes in the mucosa 70zł
Occlusal analysis and adjustment 100zł
Correction of overhanging filling 50zł
Oral hygiene tuto rial 20zł
Scaling, polishing and cleaning periodontal pockets / 1 quadrant of teeth 70zł
1 teeth arch 100zł
all teeth 250zł
Płukanie kieszonek i aplikacja leku 50zł
Periodontal abscess drainage and treatment 70zł
Treatment of a sensitive teeth / 1 tooth 15zł
1 teeth arch 60zł
All teeth 120zł
Splinting teeth with the ligature wire splint 50zł
Cosmetic teeth splinting - up to 3 teeth (Fiber core, Splint-It®) 400zł
Cosmetic teeht splinting - up to 6 teeth (Fiber core, Splint-It®) 550zł
Deep scaling (root planing) – 1 quadrant of teeth 200zł
Open flap curettage – up to five teeth 500zł
Cast partial Wiron® 1400zł
Cast partial Wiron lux® 1450zł
Catches type A 270zł
Catches type B 320zł
Interlock 160zł
Dental milling 150zł
Ball latch 210zł
Replacing PTFE (Teflon) in partial cast prosthesis / 1pc 100zł
Replacing teflon in latches / 1 pc 100zł
Teeth INTEGRALE / 1 arch 400zł
upper or lower dentures
Mifam Super Lux 750zł
Ivoclar 800zł
Mifam Super Lux 1300zł
Ivoclar 1500zł
1 point (repair)
Mifam Super Lux 150zł
Ivoclar 160zł
Express service within 24 hours + 50%
Wzmocnienie protezy metalowe lub siatka 100zł
Preparation of denture relining in a laboratory 300zł
Soft relaxation splint 300zł
Rail chill hard 300zł
Oral examination / consultation 50zł
Wizyta adaptacyjna 50zł
Fluoridation 100zł
Varnishing 100zł
Remineralization (silver nitrate, lapis) - 1 treatment 40zł
Local anesthesia 20zł
Fissure sealing in permanent teeth 60zł
Filling in a primary/milk tooth
Small – chemically cured 90zł
Small light-cured 90zł
large – chemically cured 100zł
large – light-cured 100zł
Temporary Filling (zinc oxide) 80zł
Dental restoration using composit bonding 150zł
Milk tooth root canal treatment
Front teeth 120zł
Premolars and molars 250zł
Dressing 50zł
Simple milk tooth I extraction 60zł
Milk tooth extraction II 100zł
Extraction I 120zł
Extraction II 130zł
Extraction III 150zł
Complicated extraction 200zł
Dłutowanie 400zł
Germectomy or chiselling a tooth which is completely unerupted 500zł
Implant consultation 100zł
Implant surgery / 1 tooth 2990zł
Implant prosthetics / 1 tooth 2700zł
Little implant inspection 150zł
Large implant inspection 250zł
Sinus lift 2500zł

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Dental offices are located on the first floor of the «Morena Skwer» building
(Intersection of Jaśkowa Dolina and Piecewska Street)

Address: Jaśkowa Dolina 132, Gdańsk Morena
There is a direct bus line nr 210 from the airport


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 9.00-19.00
In urgent cases we can serve you on weekends and on holidays
after a prior phone consultation.

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